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Leire Jauregi

Leire Jauregi is currently doing her PhD thesis in the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (Soil Microbial Ecology Group), NEIKER, on the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in agricultural fields fertilized with organic amendments of animal or human origin, under the supervision of Dr. Lur Epelde and Dr. Carlos Garbisu.

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June Hidalgo

June Hidalgo is doing her PhD thesis in the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (Soil Microbial Ecology Group), NEIKER, on the restoration of contaminated soils. She is focusing on the study of economic and sustainable remediation strategies to reduce soil pollutants while recovering soil health. Her thesis is supervised by Dr. Carlos Garbisu (NEIKER) and Dr. José María Becerril (UPV/EHU).

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Fernando Ruiz

Fernando is doing his PhD thesis on the aparition and disemination of antibiotic resistance genes in crop fields following different agricultural techniques. Particularly his research is focused in the use of pesticides and the impact of global warming. He is part of the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (Soil Microbial Ecology Group), NEIKER.

Former members

Julen Urra

Julen Urra did his PhD thesis on the impact of organic amendments on agricultural soil health, under the supervision of Dr. Iker Mijangos and Dr. Carlos Garbisu. He is now working in a private company. Best of luck, Julen!!!

Aitor González

Lorena Carro

Dr. Lorena Carro, our last Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoc at the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, who has in charge of the project BACTEPEA, where we have analysed the molecular dialogue in microbial-assisted plant growth in the presence of heavy metals. She has recently got a Ramón y Cajal fellowship and is now developing her research at the University of Salamanca, becoming another important collaborator of the Soil Microbial Ecology Group.

Oihane Salazar: Oihane is going to make a stay in Paula Castro’s laboratory in Porto for the next 6 months. Enjoy!


Anders Lanzen: Our favourite bioinformatician is currently working in our sister institute AZTI thanks to an Ikerbasque fellowship. He has jumped from the land to the sea!



Iker Mijangos: Iker is currently working as a firefighter. Nonetheless, he keeps on collaborating with us and he is leading the SALUGANDA project. Besides, as expected, he keeps on applying sustainable agricultural practices in his own farm!!


Aritz Burges: Dr. Burges finished his PhD thesis entitled “Microbial indicators for the assessment of the impact of metal contamination and phytoremediation on soil health”. He is currently doing a post-doc in Bordeaux under Dr. Michel Mench´s supervision.


Enaitz Muguerza: Enaitz is currently teaching in a school. We miss her a lot!!


Maite Gómez-Sagasti: Maite is currently doing a post-doc in the group of Prof. Txema Becerril from the University of the Basque Country. Luckily, thanks to our on-going collaboration with such group, we keep on seeing and working with Maite regularly.


Oihane Muñiz: Oihane is doing her PhD thesis at AZTI, following her dream to do research on marine biology.

Borja Muñoz-Leoz: Borja is living in Tarragona (Spain) where he teaches in a school. He recently got married. We miss him a lot!!

Javier Hernández-Allica: Javi is currently working at Rothamsted Research Institute (UK) with Prof. Steve McGrath. From time to time, he visits the Basque Country and we have beers together. Best luck Javi!!













2020 (Carlos was confined!)