Pint of Science 2018

Lur Epelde had the great pleasure of taking part in the last edition of Pint of Science in Bilbao. Pint of Science is an annual international science festival that takes place every May and brings researchers to local bars to present their scientific discoveries.  Iñigo Azua from the university of the Basque Country and Lur talked about the important ecological functions that carry out microorganisms in both oceans and soils, and also for the production of beer, among many other products! According to Urko, a 10 year old boy who attended the talk, the strategy of the microbial communities is clear: “Climate change is a strategy of microbes, they want us to run out of trees and oxygen and fill up everything with garbage to conquer the world”… in the meantime, long life to initiatives like Pint of Science!!


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